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It's easy and quick to make a professional-looking cover letter with these examples templates. Select the cover letter and see for yourself, how the wizard works. How Does It work? It's the easiest way to create a perfect cover letter in just 10 minutes! Not sure what to write? Our experts have written this section for you. Create a tailored Cover Letter for each job position you want to apply for. How to write a good helper letter with the help of a wizard? You will find a lot of useful tips on coolfreecv.

A resume is not enough! Why does an employer require a cover letter from a candidate? Typically, candidates who apply for a high level job position are required to send a cover letter. This document has a more informal form, and it is in the cover letter that you can include additional information. Describe your qualifications, work experience and professional achievements. Write about the benefits you can bring to the company. For example, you are applying for a sales position, you can write that you will help them increase sales. Do it skillfully. Whether you get the job may depend on this information.

The employer wants to know why you are applying for a job with his company. People who made a conscious decision to apply, not accidentally, have a better chance to work. So you can write that the values promoted by the company are in line with your values, therefore you would like to develop your professional career in the ranks of this company. If you like the fact that the company cares about environmental protection or supports all kinds of pro-social initiatives, it is also worth writing about it in your cover letter.

Why choose a cover letter creator on CoolFreeCV?

Advantages of writing a cover letter using a wizard:
  1. quick access to the wizard - no login or registration;
  2. the cover letter maker saves the document in PDF format;
  3. the wizard is completely free;
  4. the builder has examples of cover letters for dozens of different job positions (about 80 examples);
  5. the only thing left to do is ready cover letter template add your skills and work experience.

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Choose a cover letter template and go to the cover letter builder. 6 free templates in PDF format.

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Boston Template
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New York Template
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Chicago Template
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Washington Template
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Seattle Template
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cover letter template

Dallas Template
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What kind of information should appear in the cover letter?

First of all, information that is not included in the CV. A cover letter is a way to argue why they should hire a person like you. The recruiter must clearly see what he or she will gain by selecting the candidate. Professional success and skills will be appreciated here.

How did you improve the process? How did you increase sales or reduce costs? Such information is extremely important and should be taken into account.

It can be described as follows:

As a sales representative, I have generated a 40% increase in sales of my products over the past year. I would like to use the knowledge I have gained in the field of the latest sales techniques and many years of professional experience at your company as well.

More information on how to write a good cover letter, ready examples/samples, useful phrases and words to use in a cover letter. Look - how to write a cover letter.

Application documents can be compared to a commercial offer that we present to a selected company. Just as individual offers focus on the specific advantages of the product or service that the customer expects, the content of the letter should be individually tailored to the requirements set by the recruiter, related to a specific position. We should write about the company's expectations from us and include concrete examples and values.

The employer, on the basis of the application documents and the interview, tries to determine whether the candidate meets the company's expectations, and in which area he is better than other candidates. A Letter of Motivation is also a good place to describe your personality, the character traits that, combined with your skills, make you successful in the professional tasks set before you.

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