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Language Official languages in Switzerland: French, German, Italian.

% The official Swiss languages are German, which is used by 63.7% of the population, French, which speaks 20.4% of the population, Italian used by 6.5% of the population.

Area and languages The occurrence of individual languages is distinguished depending on the region: East of Bern (except Ticino) German predominates. The French language prevails west of Bern. Italian is the most common language in the Canton of Ticino.

Before you start writing a CV In order to properly prepare application documents required during recruitment, it should be checked which language in the given region is official. In addition, it is worth remembering that the Swiss pay particular attention to the compatibility of education with the experience of the future employee.

Photo in CV Should the candidate attach his photo to a CV?
Yes, it's a good idea to attach the professionally taken photo to your CV.

Tip When submitting your candidacy, it must be remembered that if specific qualifications are expected in the requirements for work, only such qualifications will be taken into account. All professional experience should be documented because it will be recognized as long as it is consistent with the expectations of the employer. The CV should are written in a transparent and legible in A4 format and preferably one page. Avoid sending documents that appear universal.

Switzerland jobs market for whom?

In Switzerland, people are sought with very specific knowledge and skills. The people working in the IT and biotechnology industries have a good chance. Manual workers with specific skills are also sought (eg electricians, carpenters, construction workers). During the season, every pair of hands for the job to the grape in restaurants and hotels will come in handy, although you have to apply for a job much earlier before the season. Also in Switzerland, there is a high demand for employees to care for the elderly and children. In addition, there are many job offers for corporate employees with a good knowledge of the English language.

The Swiss law distinguishes the following residence permits:

L - short-term work permit for a period of 12 months
B - initial residence permit for up to 5 years
C - permission to settle in Switzerland
G - border work permit

More information on how to write a German CV.

Check - how to write a German CV. We have also provided free Word / Docx templates.

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avatar2020-10-18   adm
to @Apurwa J
Non-EU citizens can only receive a work permit if their employer proves that they cannot find a worker for the jobs concerned from Switzerland or the EU.
avatar2020-10-18   Apurwa J
Is it possible to find a job in IT while I am on a dependant permit of my husband? I am an engineer and anyways currently residing in Swiss.
avatar2019-12-14   Adm
@Dara Yin
if you do not speak German of French, send your CV in English, try it !!! Will you be invited to an interview? I don't know, it depends on your skills, experience, maybe you have it all.
avatar2019-12-14   Dara Yin
if i make in English cv for apply to work in Switzerland they are accept it or not? please help tell me. thank you