Features of a perfect CV / Resume. How many pages should a perfect CV contain?

Actually, there are no formal limitations as to the number of pages that a CV should fit. Two theories are in competition – one says that it’s always the best option to limit your CV to one page, while the other promotes the idea of standing out by increasing the number of pages to two.
If dozens or hundreds of people respond to a job offer, a recruiter does not have the patience to read each and every application. They devote several seconds to each CV. It is only when they find a given resume interesting that you can expect greater attention. However, too much irrelevant information will discourage a recruiter.

There is a saying that paper will accept any information. A perfect / professional CV should contain only relevant information. What does this mean? A CV contains, first of all, key information for the chosen job position and written with reference to a specific job offer. Such a tip, before you start writing your CV, read the job offer 2-3 times, a perfect CV should be a response to that particular offer. When describing your experience, skills, use the same words that are in the job offer. The employer will see that you are not a random candidate who is trying to grab a job at any company that is currently looking for employees.

Summary column in the Resume.

Start with a Summary, you can be sure that 99 percent of recruiters will start reading your resume with this section. It must be a really strong introduction to your Resume. Write what you've accomplished, what results you had, list key specialized skills, it's also a good section to boast about soft skills that are helpful in performing tasks. Don't bore, 4-5 sentences will do.
The content of your professional summary may be crucial to candidacy. A well-written professional summary is a chance that the employer will be interested in the candidate and will read his application to the end.

summary in perfect resume

skills in perfect resume

Skills column in the Resume.

Relevance: By presenting skills that are relevant to the job, candidates can demonstrate that they have the necessary qualifications and experience to succeed in the role.
Competitiveness: A well-presented Resume can help a candidate stand out from the competition and increase their chances of getting hired.
Matching with the job requirements: By presenting skills that match the job requirements, candidates can show that they understand what the employer is looking for and are well-suited for the role.

Professional Experience column in the Resume.

Clearly state your job title and the name of the company you worked for. Describe the specific tasks and responsibilities you handled in your role and highlight any significant achievements or milestones you accomplished during your tenure. Use numbers, data to quantify your impact and showcase your accomplishments. This will help employers understand the scope and scale of your work. Emphasize the experiences and skills that are most relevant to the job you're applying for. If you have been promoted or moved up in a company, make sure to highlight this as it shows that you have demonstrated success and growth in your career.

professional experience in perfect resume

Free CV / Resume templates (CV form editable in MS Word) - Free download

First impression: A resume is often the first point of contact between a candidate and an employer, so it's important to make a good first impression by presenting your details on a professional resume template.

english resume cv

Original Resume Template with elements of greenery in DOCX (MS WORD) format.
download [MS WORD]

CV with photo

Perfect CV Template with graphic elements and Photo in DOCX (MS WORD) format.
download [MS WORD]

CV template docx word free

A one-column Resume template, sections of the CV clearly emphasized with a sideline and color.
download [MS WORD]


CV / Resume on 1 page

  1. A one-page CV is a nod in the direction of recruiters. It allows for a quick analysis of the content. One page promises a recruiter a time-saving lecture and attracts their attention.
  2. It has a function of „an advertising leaflet” – it synthetically informs about a candidate’s professional profile.
  3. It’s particularly useful for graduates and candidates with a few years of experience.

CV / Resume on 2 or more pages – who is it for?

  1. It’s particularly useful for candidates with more than 10 years of professional experience.
  2. It allows for a precise, detailed description of competency and experience.
  3. When writing longer CVs you need to remember to profile it.

Do not write about experience and competency that are not mentioned in a job offer.
Important! If you have to write more than one page, continue on another sheet of paper (not on the reverse side of the first one!)

How „to summarize” your CV / Resume?

It’s best to prepare a full version CV that contains all the information and then cut out data which are less relevant from a recruiter’s perspective. In this way, you will come up with a CV of optimal length ranging from 1 to 2 pages.

Use now CV creator free, you'll see this is easy.

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