First CV / Resume with No Work Experience Samples.

CV / Resume for a student, for a person without experience.

Are you a graduate of a secondary school or university and you haven't worked anywhere yet? Don't you have the right work experience? Are you wondering how to write a good CV, or resume?
In this article you will learn that the first Resume / CV without work experience does not have to be blank.
Getting your first job may seem very difficult. After all, how to write an effective CV if there is no experience?
Don't worry, everyone once started to look for a first job and we will tell you how to do it more effectively.
Experience is an important part of any Resume / CV, but not the only one that the recruiters pay attention to. I am convinced that you have much more to offer them.

You'll find out from our article:

  1. How to write a student's CV or a Resume?
  2. How to write a CV / Resume without professional experience (No Work Experience)?
  3. What fields should be included in a CV / Resume without experience and what should be written?

Not only work experience is important. Employers value people who are flexible, people who express a desire to grow and learn, people who are responsible, communicative, people who have conflict resolution skills, people who have passion and energy.

Flexibility - the employer will appreciate a candidate who can find himself in a given situation, such as being able to work effectively alone, but when the need arises he will find himself working well in a team.
Willingness to develop/learn - every employer values people who want to expand their knowledge, who are curious about new solutions, new technologies.
Communicativeness - an employer expects his employee to be communicative. What does this mean? E.g. you are a salesman, you must have the ability to quickly establish contact with customers, communicate new ideas to the employer.
Problem-solving skills - stressful situations happen at work. An employer would like his employees to talk about problems and try to eliminate them together.

How to Write a Great CV with No Work Experience.

1. Candidate's photography.

We do not add the photo to our Resume when we are looking for a job in the USA, Great Britain, Australia, Canada. In other countries the candidate's photography is well perceived.
Linkedin administrators admit that a person who uploaded a photo to Linkedin gets much more inquiries about professional cooperation than a person who did not publish the photo. There is only one conclusion: employers are more interested in inviting people who have included a photo in their CV to an interview.

2. Professional summary.

The summary should be immediately below your personal data. The summary is the first box that the employer will read in your CV / Resume. The summary must be good. You may not have work experience yet, but you may be the best candidate among the other willing applicants for this job.
It is worthwhile to spend some time on writing 3-5 lines about yourself, in order to interest the employer in his candidacy at the very beginning. The summary should be short and specific. Describe your strengths, skills, interests and place information about the branch you are looking for employment in.

Summary example:

I am 22 years old, I am a graduate of an IT technical college, I strive to gain professional experience. My passion is computer science and new technologies. I am good at building and servicing home computer networks. I am a hard-working and thorough person, I learn quickly. I am looking for opportunities to develop as a computer network specialist.

Another example of a summary (No Experience Resume):

I am a high school graduate, I would like to gain my first professional experience as a copywriter. I have been writing articles on my own blog about sports for two years. I also run a fan page on Facebook (3000 observers). I have a strong background in Internet marketing, computer graphics. I am fluent in the web, I can effectively reach the necessary information.

3. Education.

How to Write a Great CV with No Work Experience? Education is a testimony to the candidate's potential and abilities. If you have graduated from university, you may no longer be able to post information about your completion of secondary school.
However, if you graduated from vocational school and you are looking for a job in your profession - write about it in your CV / Resume.
While creating a CV / Resume without experience, try to develop the Education section as much as possible. Do not limit yourself to the date and name of the school. Write where did you complete your apprenticeship and what did you do there, additionally you can include information about what was the subject of your diploma thesis. Did you take part in additional courses and trainings? Great, this is the right place to write about it. Did you participate in a student exchange, e.g. Erasmus? Write about it in your CV.

4. Experience (First Resume with No Work Experience).

Maybe you have some experience? Casual job during holidays, non-profit activity, maybe you were involved in charity work in an organisation? Consider your responsibilities.
Remember, we write the CV / Resume for a specific branch. And we post information that is related to it. Your CV / Resume should not be too general, try to adapt it to the job offer.

5. Additional skills in a CV / Resume without experience.

Point out your strengths and abilities gained e.g. during internships. Then compare them with the requirements of the job offer and first enter those that are the same or similar. In this section it is worthwhile to list the universal skills. Each position requires specific competences, but there are qualifications that apply to practically every position. They include: communication skills, problem solving skills, ability to work in a team, time management skills, analytical skills, independence, resistance to stress.
First of all, point out hard skills, i.e. competences that are measurable and necessary to perform the job. Finally, move on to universal skills.

This is how a skill column in a CV / Resume of a person who wants to work in an office can look like:

  1. very good computer and peripheral support (printer, scanner, fax),
  2. advanced ability to use MS Excel (pivot tables, macros, building complex formulas),
  3. communicativeness, meticulousness, great time organisation and the ability to solve problems.

And so a person willing to work on servicing and repairing various types of household appliances:

  1. high manual and technical skills,
  2. ability to use power tools,
  3. ability to use measuring instruments,
  4. ability to read technical drawings,
  5. a driving licence for a passenger car,
  6. accuracy, independence, ability to manage time.

6. Interests and Hobbies in the student's CV / Resume (No Experience CV / Resume)

The employer wants to find the right person to adapt to their company culture. Ideally, this section should include interests and hobbies directly related to the job you are applying for.

An example of the interests for a person who wants to work as a sales representative:

  1. psychology (techniques and negotiation skills, effective sales techniques, influencing people's perception and thinking).

An example of the interests of a future IT specialist:

  1. new computer and information technologies,
  2. the development of artificial intelligence,
  3. mathematics and astronomy.

7. A professional CV / Resume template.

You already know what information should be included in your first CV / Resume. You can prepare a document using one of our free resume templates, download the document to your computer and edit it in MS WORD, or use the free online wizard available on the website. Creating a Resume with the creator is easy and fast. Just fill in the fields and download the PDF document.

resume and cover letter template with No Work Experience

What else can be done to get the first job?

Write a cover letter.

If you have found your dream job offer, you should attach a cover letter to your CV / Resume. Describe in it why it is so important for you to have this job and why it is worth hiring you.

Take the initiative and apply directly to companies.
Even if the company is not recruiting at the moment, it is still worth contacting it. If you are in touch with the company, it shows that you care about your job. If you send your CV, it will be probably placed in the candidate database and the employer will be able to contact you during the open recruitment process.

We hope you found the answer to question - How to Write an Awesome Resume (CV) for Your First Job?

Don't have work experience? So you ask, How do I get my first work experience? The easiest way is to start with an internship in the industry you want to work in. At first you will probably perform simple tasks - but don't worry! Observe and learn! Remember, many people started their careers in a similar way. Any experience is important. However, it's good to go to a company where you will get a mentor, an internship plan and learn something.

You will probably get a low salary. So if you're reading this and you're a student - start looking for an internship now, while you're studying (as long as it doesn't affect your academic performance), so that you have more experience a than your peers.

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