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Employment experts have distinguished crucial elements that we should bear in mind to make sure that our CV is a pass leading to professional success.

Use your own words

One of the most common mistakes that people make when creating a CV is writing about one’s duties using the same style that is used to describe job offers in advertisements. Sometimes it even happens that candidates copy certain expressions word for word. Unfortunately, it does not sound credible. It is much better to use one’s own vocabulary, adequately to the tasks that were actually part of your duties.

Prove your worth

What kind of an employee are you? This is the question that recruiters ask themselves when looking through dozens of CVs for a specific position. For this reason it is a good idea to clearly and prominentny highlight one’s accomplishments and support them with actual examples. Did you receive a praise from your boss? A bonus payment? Did you cope with a problem that was beyond your duties? You should by all means include it in your CV!

Provide specific data

If you achieved above-average results, an employer will surely be interested in more specific details. If you managed to increase a sales level, by how many percents? Such information is more memorable.

Write about problems to which you found solutions

What challenges do you face at work on a daily basis? How do you usually react? What do you do to cope with difficult situations? Recall some of the instances and include them in your CV.

Pay attention to the form

Merits, achievements, tasks, duties. This information should appear in a CV in a transparent form. Prevent your CV from being messy so as not to make it difficult for an employer to read it. Points and margins. They are nearly as important as the content itself.

Tailor the information to the job position

You need to know who the recipient of your CV is. The information that you include in your resume should be adequate to the job offer for which you apply to make it evident that the application is well thought-over and created with a specific offer in mind.

Writing the truth pays off

Your experience may be modest, but you still have a chance for a job interview if your CV is well-written. Be sincere to avoid any surprises during your meeting with an employer.

Use proven CV templates

It's much easier to write a CV when you have a good example at your disposal. Dozens of CV templates for free download in Word format.
Check available examples - CV templates.

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