How to write an effective cover letter? We have samples and examples to free download.

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The cover letter should have an appropriate structure:

  1. The headline should contain your name and contact details as well as the date of the letter's preparation.
  2. Enter the address of the company you want to work in. It can be: company name, name and surname of recruiter or employer.
  3. Use the courtesy phrases at the beginning and end of a cover letter (examples): "Dear Sir", "Dear Mr.", "Dear Ms.", "Sincerely".
  4. Put signature on a cover letter.
  5. A cover letter should fit on one-page A4.
  6. Save it in PDF format. PDF is the best format for this type of documents.
  7. Use the same font, size and color in a cover letter you used to create a CV or a Resume.

Content of a cover letter

  1. Check if you meet the requirements for the profession you apply for.
  2. Customize a cover letter for this particular job offer. Do not send a universal application to all places job offers.
  3. Create unique content. Do not copy information from a Curriculum vitae.
  4. Beware of popular phrases that mean nothing.
  5. Use numbers and dates.
  6. When describing your work experience, write what you were doing in the previous profession.
  7. Focus on the most important achievements, skills and describe them.
  8. Choose the advantages that will impress your employer.

How to write a great cover letter?

We have two suggestions for you:

  1. Download a free editable cover letter and use MS Word application (free examples).
  2. Or use a free online cover letter builder (check available new templates of documents).

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Cover Letter - Useful phrases - Examples

  1. I am very interested in applying for the position of [...]
  2. I mastered the professional skills [...], necessary for the position [...]
  3. My professional skills appear to be well matched to your company’s requirements.
  4. I'm convinced the combination of my education and experiences have prepared me [...]
  5. My professional experiences are complemented by [...]
  6. My peculiar area of efficacy is [...]
  7. I look forward with eagerly to an opportunity for an interview.

Words to use in a cover letter. Examples - how to write a cover letter.

Use words to describe your experience and soft skills:

  1. Adaptable
  2. Detail-oriented
  3. Focused
  4. Quality-oriented
  5. Hard-working
  6. Efficient
  1. Diligent
  2. Results-oriented
  3. Responsible
  4. Problem-solving
  5. Management
  6. Communication
  1. Creative thinking
  2. Critical thinking
  3. Trained
  4. Multitasking
  5. Teamwork
  6. Organizational

We show. How to write a cover letter. Ready editable examples. Format DOCX / MS Word. Free Download.

We have prepared a few samples of cover letters for various position jobs. More ready examples can be found later in this article.

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Senior Java Developer (Example Docx / MS Word / Free / Editable)

cover letter example MS Word docx download

Bartender / Waiter (Format Docx / MS Word / Free Pattern)

Sample of a cover letter for the position of a restaurant manager:

Dear Ms. Johnson,

I was waiting for this job offer, I would like to become a manager in your restaurant. I am convinced that I am a suitable candidate for this position.

I have 10 years of professional experience. Before I became a restaurant manager, I gained invaluable knowledge at work in the kitchen and as a waiter and a headwaiter. Experience gained at all levels of work in a restaurant, combined with great knowledge and managerial talent, enables me to manage the restaurant very effectively.

As a restaurant manager, I introduced a new menu which was very well evaluated by the restaurant guests. This was the only way to increase the turnover of the restaurant by 70%. I carried out a number of successful promotional activities, which resulted in a larger number of restaurant guests and higher income.

I am a communicative, operative, organized and talented person. I can motivate staff to work even better while maintaining friendly relations. I have a gastronomic education and a good managerial background.

I would be happy to tell you more about myself during a job interview.

Gerald Richardson

Ready sample of a cover letter for the position of a Java programmer:

Dear Ms. Johnson,

I am very enthusiastic about your job offer for the position of "Senior Java Developer". I think I'm the perfect candidate for this position.

I have a university degree in IT and 5 years of experience as a Java developer. I was a team member at work and I worked closely with the international project development team. I was responsible for maintaining and developing business applications and e-commerce. I have a wide and practical knowledge of technologies: Java 8+, Spring, Git/GitLab, SCRUM, Docker.

I have great technical and analytical skills, with the ability to analyse the existing code database and to transform requests into specific software solutions. I have a huge will and need for continuous learning and further professional development aimed at increasing competence in the profession of a programmer.

I encourage you to read my CV, which contains a detailed description of my qualifications. I will be happy to answer your questions during a face-to-face meeting.

Donald Woodson

A pattern of a cover letter for the position of a car dealer/salesman:

Dear Ms. Johnson,

I would like to suggest my nomination for the position of a salesman in your car dealer. I am convinced that I have all the advantages that are needed to be an effective seller.

I have 4 years of professional experience as a salesman for passenger cars and delivery vans. I have a great knowledge of the automotive industry and excellent self-presentation skills, I can interpret the needs of customers. In the previous work, I was achieving better and better sales results every week, which met with great recognition and distinction of my superiors.

I am a person who sets high goals for myself and persistently pursues their achievement. I am focused on continuous learning and self-improvement in the profession of an effective salesman, I treat each customer with proper respect.

I hope that thanks to the experience, knowledge and determination I have gained, I will be able to effectively implement the sales plan in your car showroom. I look forward to a meeting with you to discuss the details of my employment.

Brian Williams

A pattern of a cover letter for the position of a bartender/waiter.

Dear Ms. Johnson,

I would like to present my candidacy for the position of waiter/bartender with great enthusiasm. I am a young, open, energetic person who fits perfectly into the profession of a bartender. These are not my only assets, so I encourage you to read the other part of the cover letter.

I worked as a bartender and waiter mainly in holiday resorts in Spain and Cyprus. We were able to handle orders efficiently. This was due to the effective workplace organisation we developed. 100% commitment, nice atmosphere in the restaurant, efficient service, all this meant that restaurant guests came back to us with a smile.

I am a communicative person with a great sense of humour and propriety. I am a fast learner with a very good memory, I am also fluent in Spanish and English. I have good knowledge of computers and payment terminals.

I sincerely hope that I have convinced you that it is worth meeting me during the job interview.

Arthur Lewis

In briefly, a cover letter is a one-page document A4 written to express why you are the ideal candidate for a particular position. It is always paired with a Curruculum Vitae or a Resume (depend on the country).

Always send application documents in PDF format, you will be sure that the structure of the document will be preserved. And the employer will have no problem opening the PDF files and reading the contents.

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Writing a cover letter has never been so easy!

Dozens of prompts for various job positions. Click and add a ready-made example, complete the template by adding your skills and work experience. Without logging in or registering, download the PDF document.
Cover letter wizard, we have provided sample cover letter templates for such positions:

  1. Automation engineer, Animal keeper, Bookkeeper, Business analyst, Body shop worker, Barber, Beautician, Butcher, Car rental agent, Car paint sprayer, car mechanic, Computer games developer, Computer games tester, Construction labourer, Construction manager, Concrete carpenter, Chef, CNC machinist, Childminder, Database administrator, Delivery van driver, Dental hygienist, Dental practitioner, Dental technician, Dietitian, Electrical technician, Engineering maintenance fitter, Fenestration installer, Forklift driver, Furniture maker, Food factory worker, Firefighter, Gas installation engineer, Head chef, Hotel porter, Insurance agent, IT systems architect, Kitchen and bathroom fitter, Land surveyor, Landscape gardener, Lorry driver, Lab technician, Librarian, Medical secretary, Mobile app developer, Massage therapist, Network administrator, Office manager, Quality control assistant, Plasterer, Plumber, Postperson, Receptionist, Refrigeration and air-conditioning installer, Road worker, Roofer, Removals worker, Restaurant manager, Secretary, Security guard, Store detective, Seamstress, Senior care worker, Telephonist, Web developer, Welder, Window fitter, Warehouse worker, Warehouse manager, Waiter, Wind turbine technician.

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