How to prepare for a recruitment interview?

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The course of the interview is often a decisive element in the whole process of recruitment. Below are some hints that will help you to make a good impression.

A Check information about a company

It’s a very important element not only due to the fact that the question „What do you know about our company?” is a very common practice. Developing one’s knowledge about a company’s successes and challenges as well as its competition enables us to better adapt to its current situation. When answering a recruiter’s questions it is good to refer to the factual situation and good practices of the competition.

B Read an advertisement carefully

Recrutiment advertisements constitute a kind of „compendium of knowledge” for a candidate. It is because a well-designed advertisement includes information on:

  1. company
  2. scope of duties
  3. requirements
  4. offer

These are the key elements of a position for which you apply. From advertisements you can learn not only about your goals and tasks at a given position, but also the kind of knowledge and skills that will be taken into account and checked during an interview.

Get to know the profile of a position

Make sure that you devote time to familiarizing yourself with the profile of an advertised job position. This is the angle from which you will hold a conversation with a recruiter. It is of crucial importance that you are able to refer to an employer’s requirements concerning a particular position. A day’s work with one employer will be different from a day’s work with another. It is so because during an interview an employer checks whether a candidate is able to relate to the culture and organizational structure of a company.

C Prepare answers to standard questions

A great number of various questions may appear during an interview. Some of them, however, appear on a very frequent basis. That’s why it’s worth making use of this knowledge and prepare yourself to answer the questions.

They may be the following:

  1. Financial expectations
  2. Tell me about your professional experience?
  3. Why do you want to change job?

Prior to an interview carefully plan your journey to the place of a meeting. The first 5 minutes will often determine the course of further conversation. Punctuality gives an indication that a candidate knows how to organize their time.

Recall your professional achievements. The questions asked during a recruitment interview will often refer to specific facts and experiences of a candidate. It is because in the opinion of experts past events and behaviors serve as the best predictor of a candidate’s future behaviors at work. Therefore, it is a good idea to spend some time reflecting on your professional experiences.

Analyze your career path. The employers pay a lot of attention to a candidate’s development. For this reason, prior to a meeting ask yourself two basic questions: In what way is work for this organization consistent with your career path? How can you contribute to the organization?

Make sure you are dressed properly. Proper dress during an interview is fundamental. You and your approach to the recruitment process are immediately judged by the manner in which you are dressed. Business attire is the safest option for the first meeting.

Don’t forget about the references. You will build a good impression if you have opinions of your ex-employers with you. The references will enable a candidate to prove a skill that a recruiter inquires about.

There is no single scheme for conducting a job interview, there are as many ways as there are industries in the job market. In some companies, the recruitment process takes place in several stages and can last several days or close after several interviews. It is difficult to have one perfect recipe for the perfect job interview, but it is certainly worth preparing for such a meeting.

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