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Do you look to get a new job? Website COOL FREE CV can help you craft a professional and modern resume. Have a look at our extensive base of a resume template. Choose an example that corresponds not only to your style but also the type of profession you are looking for. All our documents are created in MS Word (Doc and Docx) format. The documents have been prepared in such a way that text editing is not too difficult even for people without much experience with MS Word. We have a lot of ready-to-use inspirations. Use our ready examples!

Is there a resume template that is perfect? Much depends on what the recruiter or employer expects. It all depends on the format you decide on, and what elements you implement in the document. Many candidates wonder whether to create a long, extensive resume, or be content with only a short document containing the most important information. Our advice is, your document must not look like a huge wall of text, because recruiters simply won't want to read the whole thing. Focus on what information is most desirable in the job for which you are applying. What information will attract the recruiter's attention? The classic resume template may prove effective if your document contains strong arguments for your candidacy.

Recruiters are busy people, to save them time, prepare a solid dose of professional information at the very top of your resume, the "Professional Summary" section is for this purpose. Read the job offer carefully, use keywords as in the advertisement to define your skills and experience. The employer will notice from the very beginning that you are not a random candidate and may read your CV to the very end. Then there is a good chance that you will be invited to an interview. And this is a big step that brings you closer to getting your dream job. In life, it is worth following the maxim, when I do something, I do it properly from the beginning. This also applies to the preparation of strong recruitment documents.

How to write a Resume with Cool Free CV?

We offered two variants, choose the best one for you:

1. Use a free online Resume Builder.

  1. Quick and easy-to-use an online program (without login and registration).
  2. A desktop or laptop computer is needful. Mobile devices are not appropriate for the write documents.
  3. Modern and professional Resume templates.
  4. You get a document in PDF format.

2. Download the free editable Resume Template (Docx / MS Word).

  1. Documents can be edited in Word (MS / Microsoft Office) or Writer (OpenOffice / LibreOffice).
  2. You can freely format text and change the font.
  3. You must have a basic ability to use Word or Writer.

IT Industry - New Free Resume Examples

This modern resume template is an exquisite, simple project which would be an excellent fit for more formal job applications e.g. in the IT industry. Have we already mentioned it’s free to download?

free new resume templates IT Microsoft docx

Resume Web Developer (Format Microsoft Word / Docx / Free)

free resume example IT Microsoft doc

Resume Software Engineer (Format Microsoft Docx / Word / Free)

Work in Trade / Cashier / Dealer - Resume Examples

Looking to get yourself a well-paid new job? If you’re applying for retail or management roles, this document layout is legible and stylish without being overbearing.

resume example cashier white and black

CV / Resume Cashier (Example Docx / MS Word / Free)

modern resume template

Customer Service Representative (Format Docx / Word / Free)

Graphic Web Designer & Motion Graphic Designer - Resume Templates with Photo

No need to be a graphic designer to make an aesthetic document. Just download this free document and start filling it with your own Summary, Work History, Education, Certifications and other data.

modern resume samples with a photo of the candidate

Resume / CV Graphic Web Designer (Example Docx / MS Word / Free)

modern resume template with photo

Resume / CV Motion Graphic Designer (Docx / MS Word / Free)

Gastronomy, Hotels, Restaurants - New Free Resume Templates

Classic documents, without "bells and whistles", just save on the computer and edit in MS Word. When you finish writing your resume, save the document to PDF format. Always send PDF files to your employer.

free resume template waiter server food docx

Resume Waitress / Head waiter (Word / Docx Free / Editable)

ready resume bartender

CV / Resume Bartender (Docx / Office MS Word / Free / Editable)

Finance / Managers - Ready Examples to Fill (proposal templates)

Modern and coherent, it commands instant attention to your "Summary" and "Work history", while leaving much space for your personality.

free resume template finance manager docx

Resume Finance Manager (Sample Docx / Format MS Word / Editable)

ready to fill the resume pattern store manager

Resume Cars Sales Manager (Example Docx / MS Word / Editable)

Production / Manufacture - Resume Templates (e.g. work in a factory on the production line)

This free documents templates is the right choice for you if you are looking to accentuate a specified section of your document such as “Summary”, "Highlights" or "Experience". The use of shades of blue colors is pleasing to the eye.

free resume template warehouse employee doc

Resume Picker Packer (Example Docx / Format MS Word / Editable)

ready to fill the resume pattern assembler

Resume Assembler (Example Docx / MS Word / Free / Editable)


A Curriculum vitae Vs. A Resume Differences

A resume is a concise one-page long summary of professional, personal and educational experiences. It contains a brief overview of your job qualifications and intends to grab the employers’ attention. Customize your document for every profession posting you are applying to.

A CV is a detailed version of your professional experience, education, knowledge of foreign languages, soft and hard skills. A CV provides the recruiter with more comprehensive information about your career goals, past achievements, professional education, and another important job achievement. CVs are made chronologically and do not require detail customization for different profession postings.

Don't forget the cover letter. What should be included in this document? Describe your most important skills in a few sentences, and describe your soft competencies. Justify how you can apply these to the position you are applying for. List examples of your past professional successes and most interesting achievements. In this way you will show the recruiter the scale of your capabilities, which you could not properly present in your professional resume.

Remember that a wizard or an advanced word processor such as MS Word is only a tool to help you write a professional resume. Focus on specifics. Don't send one and the same CV in response to different work offers. Read job postings carefully and tailor your resume to a specific profession each time.

On this page, we explain step by step what information should be included in a winning resume. Follow the tips and your chances of getting your dream job will be better. Read the tips and learn what a tailored resume should look like that will make it to the HR professional's short list, allowing you to move on to the next stage of recruitment.

A few tips for writing a good Resume:

The length of the document.

While recruiting, the employer gets dozens of Resumes. While looking through the documents, they must select a few candidates who are most suitable for the position specified. For one document, the recruiter takes only a few seconds.
A Resume that is too long will not be read to the end, and at the same time a lot of information in the Resume will make it completely illegible. That is why it is good to use the minimum content to provide maximum information.

Links to portfolio, links to LinkedIn professional profile.

If you have a profile on LinkedIn, regularly updated, with a photo, add a link to your Resume.
If you are a graphic designer or a photographer and you have a portfolio on Behance, add a link to your Resume.
If you are a developer you have an account on Github, add a web address to your Resume.

Professional summary.

The job summary should be at the top of your Resume. The length of the summary should be between 3 and 5 sentences. The main purpose of the professional summary is to make the candidate's strengths, key skills and experience immediately visible. And to make the introduction interesting enough for the recruiter to read the other sections of the Resume. The form plays an important role. A professional summary should be like a short advertising spot, it should contain what is the most important, there must be keywords. After reading a few sentences of the summary, the employer will know what a certain person can bring to their company.

Soft and hard skills.

Presenting the right combination of hard and soft skills in your Resume is essential for your Resume to receive a strong assessment in the eyes of your employer. A good combination of skills will show the employer that you are not only well prepared for a particular job, but that you will also be able to work well in a team and perform other important tasks related to your profession.

Hard skills - refer to the candidate's technical knowledge gained through teaching, training or experience. Technical skills are necessary to perform specific tasks.

Soft skills - these are personality features and habits that, among other things, describe how you work individually or with other people. Soft skills indirectly help to adapt to the work environment and company culture.

Professional experience.

Write the company name and position in bold. Enter the time frame (example: 01/2019 - 05/2020). At the top of the list, write the most important duties performed. Avoid large unreadable blocks. For clarity, always use bullet points. There is no need to include your entire career in your Resume. If there were many employers in your career path, it is worth focusing only on the last or most suitable position for which you are applying. The same applies to skills. Over time, there are more and more skills, but it is not always necessary to list them all. We should focus only on those skills that are relevant to the job profile.


List the schools you have completed by posting the most recent information also at the top of the section. It is worth mentioning completed courses, specialisations. Mark the whole section with start and end dates as well.


This section will be particularly useful for people who do not yet have much professional experience. Information about the candidate's hobbies can partly fill the competence gap. Information about hobbies will also prove useful for candidates whose interests are the driving force at work, thanks to their hobbies they are even better employees. For example, a person who is involved in winter sports, because of their hobby, knows the equipment they use very well, and will be the best advisor and salesman, answering all the questions of the sports shop customers.


For many employers this is the most important column of the Resume.


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References available on request.

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